Textile fiber names and related labeling and marking of fiber composition of textile products

This Technical Regulation sets forth rules related to: use of textile fire names, as well as labeling and marking related to fiber composition of textile products, labeling and marking of textile products that are composed of non-textile parts, and defining the composition of textile products fibers.
In order for a textile product to be available on the market, the general requirements mentioned in this technical regulation should be met.
Textile fibers names are provided in details, dividing them by categories based on composition, as well as relevant requirements on their labeling and marking, for which a separate chapter is dedicated.
In addition, market surveillance is an important issue of this technical regulation, providing explanations to structures responsible for market surveillance, defining fibers composition, tolerances, etc.
This technical regulation will also provide you with a table of the list of textile fiber names, which apart from labeling includes description for each division.

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DCM No. 1058, dated 23.12.2015