I. Institution’s organization

The State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance has been constituted by Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 36, “On establishment, organization and operation of SIMS”, dated 20/01/2016. This institution is organized as a General Directorate with its jurisdiction in the entire territory of the country. It functions in line with the structure approved by the Order of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania No. 36, “On approval of the State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance structure and composition”, dated 16/05/2016. The relationships of SIMS servants are regulated by the legislation on civil servants.

The institution’s structure is composed of Finance and Support Services Sector and four directorates; Technical Directorate, Products Surveillance Directorate and Intellectual Property Directorate. This structure is projected to have a total number of 90 employees, out of whom 68 are inspectors. The institution’s activity is regulated by the Order of Chief Inspector No. 5122, “On Approval of Internal Regulation of State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance”, dated 25/12/2017

Mr. Edison Konomi - Chief Inspector