Equipment intended for use in open environments and noise emission in environment

This technical regulation aims at setting forth essential safety requirements related to noise emission, conformity assessment procedures, marking and technical documentation on noise emission of equipment in open environments.
The technical regulation is applied for equipment intended for use in open environments (full list of equipment covered by this technical regulation can be found in the following link) and covers only equipment launched on the market or put in operation as a whole appropriate unit for the intended use.
Before launching equipment on the market and/or putting them in operation, the manufacturer or his/her representative should ensure that:

  1. Equipment meets this technical regulation requirements related to noise emission in open environment,
  2. Conformity assessment procedures are performed in compliance with criteria set forth in this technical regulation.
  3. Equipment has CE marking and guaranteed sound power level indicator and is accompanied by EC declaration of conformity.

The guaranteed sound power level of equipment (listed in this technical regulation) should be within essential safety requirements on allowed sound power level for equipment subject to noise limits.
This technical regulation includes noise emission measurement methods that are used to determine sound power level for equipment covered by this technical regulation, in order to perform conformity assessment procedures.
This regulation provides information on:

  1. Launching on the market
  2. Market surveillance
  3. Free movement
  4. EC declaration of conformity
  5. Equipment non-compliance
  6. Marking
  7. Essential safety requirements
  8. Conformity assessment
  9. Approved bodies
  10. Determining equipment
  11. Noise measurement methods
  12. Noise emission standards
  13. Conformity CE marking models
  14. Manufacturing internal control
  15. Full quality assurance
  16. Conformity assessment procedures

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DCM No. 1063, dated 23.12.2015