The main requirements of lifts safety are set forth in two technical regulations on operating lifts and new lifts to be installed for the first time respectively.

a. Technical regulation on operating lifts is applied for: i) all existing lifts installed and put in operation before 31 December 2009, and ii) new lifts installed and put in operation from 1 January 2010. It aims at assigning persons responsible for lift safety, as well as their legal obligations and of approved bodies, in order to guarantee lifts safety throughout their use period.

Obligations of responsible persons are as follows:

  • lift registration at State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance. Download Lift Registration Form
  • thorough lift examination
  • periodic inspection organization
  • lift maintenance
  • lift modernization by needs
  • lift safety booklet
For more detailed information on operating lifts safety click the following link: DCM No. 1056, dated 23.12.2015.
Operating lifts safety

b. The technical regulation related to new lifts to be installed for the first time is applied for all lifts operating permanently in buildings and constructions, for safety components used in these lifts, as well as for the lift installation process itself.

This technical rule aims at determining specific legal obligations for safety components manufacturers, lift installers and approved bodies, in order that lift integral parts, their safety components, and the lift itself as an end product meet essential health and safety requirements.

Some of the set forth obligations are as follows:

  • performing conformity assessment procedures
  • imposing CE marking
  • ensuring full quality system
  • unit verification
For more detailed information on new lifts safety click the following link:  DCM No. 192, dated 04.04.2018, “On approval of technical regulation ‘On lifts and safety components for lifts, and determining the list of harmonized standards”