Personal protective equipment

This regulation sets forth mandatory conditions for the launching of Personal Protective Equipment (hereinafter PPE) on the market, as well as essential safety requirements that PPEs should meet in order to ensure users’ safety and health protection.
PPE means any tool or equipment determined to be worn or held by a person for protection against one or more hazards related to health and safety.

PPEs also cover:

a. unit composed of some tools and equipment fully combined by the manufacturer for the protection of a person against one or more hazards that may occur simultaneously;
b. a protective tool or equipment combined, divided or not, with personal non-protective equipment worn or held by a person to perform a special activity;
c. interchangeable components in a PPE, which are primary for its safe operation and are used only for such equipment.

This technical regulation sets forth the conditions under which the PPE covered by this technical regulation is launched on the market and/or is put in operation.
Before launching a PPE model on the market, the manufacturer and his/her authorized representative should complete technical documentation and pursue conformity assessment procedures, which are listed in this technical regulation.
The Personal Protective Equipment conformity comprises one of the important issues of this technical regulation, which underlines general principles on CE marking specifying that Personal Protective Equipment available in the Albanian market should bear CE marking.
The PPE should ensure appropriate protection against all encountered hazards, which is provided by meeting essential health and safety requirements, as well as taking into account other specific requirements for specific hazards.

This regulation provides information on:

a.Launching on the market and/or in operation
b. Free movement
c. Conformity assessment procedures
d. EC type examination
e. Manufactured PPE control
f.EC declaration of manufacturing conformity
g. CE marking
h. List of PPE classes not covered by this Technical Regulation
i. Essential health and safety requirements
j. Common supplementary requirements for some PPE classes or types

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DCM No. 1053, dated 23.12.2015