Footwear materials labeling

This technical regulation is applied for the labeling of materials used in the main components of footwear for sale to consumers.
This technical regulation cannot be applied for:

  1. used footwear;
  2. protective footwear covered by the technical regulation “On essential requirements and conformity assessment of personal protective equipment”;
  3. footwear covered by legislation on chemical substances;
  4. toys footwear.

Footwear in this technical regulation means all items with soles designed to protect and cover feet, including separately marketed parts defined in this technical regulation.
The relevant structure for market surveillance, set forth in the legislation on general safety of products, as well as in the legislation on non-food products marketing and market surveillance, is responsible to ensure that all footwear launched on the market meet labeling requirements set forth in this technical regulation.
For purposes of this technical regulation, labeling means the placement of required information in at least one footwear item for each pair. This can be realized by printing, sole bonding, stamping or use of attached label.
This technical regulation will provide you with detailed information on labeling of footwear materials, including information inserted where label is placed, types of wears included in this technical regulation, etc.
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DCM No. 222, dated 28.03.2012