Mechanical products sector

The Mechanical Products Sector (MPS) is responsible for mechanical products market surveillance, including lifts, pressure vessels, outdoor use equipment that emit noise, toys, etc., related to their safety in reference to legal requirements, wrong, fraudulent and illegal commercial practices prevention, in order to protect consumers and create opportunities where businesses can compete in a fair and equal market.

This sector’s duty is surveillance pursuant to the legislation on general mechanical products safety to guarantee standards enforcement in compliance with the law. In addition, it is also responsible to meet safety requirements, set forth in the regulation in force on the design, use, exploitation and conformity assessment.

Pursuant to the legislation on work safety of personal protective equipment, pressure vessels, lifts, etc., the sector should conduct verifications and inspections of all categories of machineries and toys, as provided for in relevant legislation, in order to guarantee life, public health, domestic animals and material values, according to the foreseen annual plan in cooperation with other inspection structures.