The State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance (SIMS) has been established by DCM No. 36, dated 20.01.2016, “On the establishment, organization and operation of the State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance”. The SIMS is an institution subordinate to the Ministry of Finance and Economy, which is responsible for inspection in the field of non-food products safety for use by consumers and intellectual property sector.

The need for the establishment of this inspectorate has been dictated not only by the country’s economic development, from the perspective of increasing consumer’s trust in the market and free competition, but from the EU integration process of Albania and its legislation approximation with the EU acquis. In both European Commission’s Progress Reports 2015 and 2016, the establishment of SIMS has been one of the most important recommendations for Chapter 1 Free Movement of Goods and one of the priorities for markets regulation and surveillance in the Chapter Economic Development of the Albanian Government Program 2013-2017.