In reference to this technical regulation, the pre-packing nominal quantity, hereinafter “nominal quantity”, means the quantity (in mass and volume) of a product in a pre-packing, declared and noted by the manufacturer in the packing (packaging) of a pre-packing, without packing and additional materials or products packed together with the product that contained in the pre-packing. Therefore, pre-packing “nominal quantity” is the weight or volume in pre-packing, meaning the product quantity that the pre-packing is supposed to contain.
Pre-packings are launched on the market and offered to sale if they meet the requirements specified in this regulation, Law on Metrology, and general and particular requirements described in this Regulation.
This technical regulation assigns persons who are responsible to perform control of net products quantities for their conformity assessment with described requirements, a control that will be conducted in line with legal criteria and measuring instruments specified in Part IV and Part V of this Regulation.
This regulation provides information on:

  1. Metrological requirements for net quantity content of pre-packing
  2. Reference method for net quantity (content) control of pre-packing and requirements for measuring instruments used to determine net quantity content of pre-packing.
  3. Nominal quantity ranges of some pre-packing with the same nominal quantity and types of products they belong to
  4. Statistical control methods and criteria for net quantity content of pre-packing and acceptance criteria for pre-packing batches;
  5. Inscriptions and signs placed on pre-packing labels, marking regulations and graphical representation.