Legislation on toy safety sets forth regulations on toy safety and their free movement in the Albanian market. This technical regulation is applied for products designed or intended for use in games, as well as when they are exclusively intended for game purposes only, by children under 14 years old.
The following toys are excluded from this technical regulation:

  1. equipment intended for public use in amusement parks;
  2. automatic car games, intended for public use and operating with or without metal coins,
  3. automobile-type toys equipped with internal combustion engines;
  4. steam engine toys; and
  5. Launchers and catapults.

The technical regulation sets forth obligations of economic operators and toy compliance with essential and particular safety requirements.
The obligations of economic operators include as follows:

  • The manufacturer keeps technical documentation and EC declaration of conformity for a period of 10 years after a toy has been launched on the market available for relevant authorities.
  •  The authorized representative keeps EC declaration of conformity and technical documentation available for relevant structure for a period of at least 10 years after a toy has been launched on the market;
  • For a period of 10 years after a toy has been launched on the market, the importer should keep available for relevant structure a copy of EC declaration of conformity and ensure, upon a request, that the technical documentation is valid for him/her.

The toys conformity with harmonized standards comprises one of the important issues of this technical regulation, which underlines general principles on CE marking specifying that toys made available for the Albanian market should bear CE marking. Toys not bearing CE marking or not complying with this technical regulation can be marketed or uses in trade fairs and exhibitions, only with the condition that they are accompanies by a note, which clearly indicates that they are not in compliance with this technical regulation and could not be launched on the market without meeting relevant standards.
In addition, this technical regulation determines conformity assessment specifying conformity assessment procedures according to which the manufacturer, before launching a toy on the market, should use conformity assessment procedures referred to clauses of this technical regulation.

This regulation provides information on:

  1. Obligations of economic operators
  2. Toy compliance with essential safety requirements
  3. Conformity assessment
  4. Cooperation of approved bodies with market surveillance responsible structure
  5. List of products not considered as toys within the context of this Technical Regulation
  6. Special safety requirements
  7. Warnings

For more detailed information on toy safety click the following link:

DCM No. 262, dated 03.04.2013, “On approval of technical regulation “On toy safety”.