Measuring instruments

This technical rule shall set forth the requirements that measurement instruments should meet to be placed in the market and/or put to use.
This technical regulation is applied for measuring instruments, related to water meters, gas meters and volume conversion devices, active electricity meters, thermal power meters, measuring systems for ongoing and dynamic measurement of fluid quantities, except water, automatic weighing instruments, taximeters, material meters, dimensional measuring tools and dissolved gas analyzers.

The responsible structure for market surveillance on metrology (hereinafter SIMS), in cooperation with customs authorities, as provided for in the legislation on non-food products marketing and market surveillance, shall guarantee that measuring instruments are available on the market and/or are put in operation only if they meet this technical regulation requirements.
Apart from obligations provided for by law 10489/2011, economic operators have the following obligations:

  1. The manufacturer keeps technical documentation and EU declaration of conformity for 10 years after the measuring instrument has been launched on the market.
  2. For a period of 10 years after the measuring instrument has been launched on the market, the importer should keep available for SIMS a copy of EU declaration of conformity and ensure, upon a request, that the technical documentation is valid for SIMS.

One of the operators’ obligations is tracking.
The conformity assessment procedure, a procedure detailed in this technical regulation, serves to perform the conformity assessment of a measuring instrument with essential requirements. Upon the procedure completion, a declaration is issued, which is known as EU declaration of conformity.
In addition, this technical regulation provides information on conformity marking, general principles, regulations, as well as conditions for CE marking and supplementary metrology marking.