Electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits


This Technical Regulation sets forth regulations on electrical equipment safety and their free movement in the Albanian market. For purposes of this Technical Regulation, “electrical equipment” means any equipment intended for use by voltage within the limit of 50 – 1000 V per alternating current and 75 – 1500 V per direct current.
The equipment for which this technical regulation cannot be applied are as follows:


a)electrical equipment intended for use in an explosive environment,
b)electrical equipment used for radiological and medical purposes,
c)electrical equipment intended for use in goods and passenger lifts,
ç) electricity meters,
d)plugs and sockets intended for domestic use,
dh)electrical network protection controllers,
e)electromagnetic interference
ë) specific equipment used in ships, planes or rail transport, which are adapted to legal provisions on safety.

Electrical equipment are launched on the market only if they are manufactured in compliance with good engineering practices on safety issues and do not risk safety of people, domestic animals and property where they are installed, maintained or used depending on their manufacturing purpose.

Before launching them on the market, electrical equipment should have CE marking fixed, which indicates that equipment are conform to this Technical Regulation provisions, essential requirements, including conformity assessment procedure, clauses that are explained in this technical regulation.

CE marking of conformity is placed by the manufacturer or his/her authorized representative in every electrical equipment or packing, in entry document or warranty certificate in a way that it is obvious, easily read and not removable. However, any other marking can be placed in electrical equipment, their packing, entry document or warranty certificate on the condition that the CE marking visibility and legibility are not diminished.

The electrical equipment compliance with essential requirements mentioned above is fulfilled through conformity assessment procedure, where the manufacturer performs manufacturing internal control pursuing a series of procedures listed in this technical regulation.


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DCM No. 1061, dated 23.12.2015