Field legislation

The right to industrial property, regulated by judiciary norms, is a relatively current concept in Albania. The institution guaranteeing the protection of industrial property rights is the State Inspectorate of Market Surveillance, established by DCM No. 36, dated 20.01.2016. The Industrial Property Sector’s legal basis, as a mechanism of controlling legislation implementation in the field of industrial property, derives from Law No. 9947, dated 07.07.2008, “On Industrial Property” (as amended). The object of this law is to regulate the system of industrial property rights granting and protection. The protection of Industrial Property has as its object:
a) patents and utility models;
b) industrial designs;
c) trademarks and service marks;
ç) geographical indications. The SIMS main objective is to raise awareness on the importance of industrial property rights protection and promotion of SIMS as a guarantor of these rights.
Copyright belongs, by nature, to a natural person who has created a work. The author shall be any physical person or a group of natural persons that create the literary, artistic, scientific work, original intellectual product, materialized work, regardless of shape or form of expression. The subject matter of copyright work shall be any original intellectual creation in the literary, artistic and scientific domain, having an individual character, irrespective of the manner and form of its expression, its objective and importance unless otherwise provided for in the law on copyright.